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Name:Lin Beifong
Birthdate:Jun 7
I don't have to like you. Just don't screw up in my city, and you'll be fine.


Lin was pretty much born to be the Chief. Her sense of fairness and justice might be a genetic thing it is so deeply ingrained, and her work ethic would make a whole colony of ants feel like a bunch of slackers. She demands the best from her police force. In return, however, they know that she will always and ever have their backs, and will be there working just as hard as they are.

That's pretty much the best thing she has going, right now. Her personal life is something of a disaster, between somewhat failtastic love life and let's.... let's just not talk about family life. Still, she can make certain corrupt council members twitch just by walking into the room (guilty asses), and there's no small amount of satisfaction in that.

It'll work for now.


Lin Beifong is an Earthbender - she has the ability to control the earth element, and she's talented enough to be able to use the advanced version of this talent: Metalbending. Of course, the purer the metal, the less ability she'll have to use it (metal bending is something of a cheat - she's just calling on the traces of non-metal in the substance in question).
Physical: Lin is approximately 6ft tall, with a lean physique. Her fighting style is based off of real life Hung Gar (rooted posture and powerful strikes). She does have some fairly obvious scars along the right side of her face, which she probably won't tell you about. Her uniform (and she most likely will be in uniform) is metal plating that comes on and off through bending, and she has absolute control over the metal whips stored at her wrists.
She has a very short temper, and doesn't respond well to disrespect. At all. And she's not above hanging people from the rafters by their ankles.

Lin Beifong is from Avatar:Legend of Korra, and is the property of Nickelodeon. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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